The Third Day Movie Screening

October 18, 2006

The Third Day is a documentary about The Ohio State University Wrestling Team overcoming adversity to make it through their triumphant 2004 season – a season where 5 wrestlers were named All-American. The filmmaker, Will Knight, is close friend to Rise Above It (RAI) founder Colin O’Donoghue and designated RAI as a charitable recipient for the movie event premier.

This most recent event touched a very wide audience, from high school athletes to supporting friends and family. Everyone in the audience was supporting life’s challenges, whether to rise up as an athlete or to rise above life’s ongoing challenges. In the true spirit of RAI, the event provided inspiration to enjoy life while instilling the philosophy that a positive attitude will always overcome. Over 100 people were in attendance and a significant portion of the total proceeds was donated the RAI Benefit.

Special Thanks to Will and the Knight family for their dedication to the cause.

Will Knight is one of RAI’s strongest supporters! This event was his first demonstration of many successful future productions.