RAI Attends the LIVESTRONG™ Young Adult Alliance Annual Conference…

The LIVESTRONG™ Young Adult Alliance (LSYAA) meets annually, creating an opportunity for information and resource sharing, and to develop collaborative relationships within the young adult cancer community. On November 13th and 14th, the LSYAA met to ensure that LIVESTRONG™ is offering the appropriate resources necessary for our grassroots organizations to grow with collective strength.

Day 1
Ryan O’Donoghue (Founder/President) attended the New Media and Clinical Trials & Follow-Up Care breakout sessions while Jackie McNamara (Chair, Fundraising & Sponsorships) attended the New Media and Resource Sharing and breakouts. Each session featured experts who shared their experience and provided direction on how to collaborate and use new tools tackle the issues limiting progress against cancer in young adults.

Day 2
Ryan met with the Awareness Task Force. Ryan and other nonprofit leaders worked to continue implementing the recommendations of the Progress Review Group report related to awareness, advocacy and communications both within the alliance and to patients and their families. Click here for more information about the AYOA Progress Review Group.

Jackie attended and joined the Membership Task Force. Jackie and other members evaluated current member support and worked to ensure the stability of the LSYAA. The Membership Task Force will continue to evaluate new member applications, nominate steering committee members, and make recommendations for changes to membership guidelines. This group is also working to improve communication and resource sharing, develop Newsletters and recognize members’ events and community impact.

Click here to see RAI's photos from the annual meeting.