Mike and Pat Kelly, Chicago Marathon

Mike and Pat Kelly participated as RAI Race team members by competing in the Chicago Marathon on October 10th, 2010. In the 4 months leading up to the marathon, they put in hours of training to prepare for the competition. They also put in hours of time working with RAI and their individual fundraising efforts.

The Chicago Marathon was hotter than expected, but Mike and Pat both raced well. Pat clocked an impressive 3:30 in the 80degree heat! Mike was behind him, finishing at 3:45. It was Mike's 10th Marathon, with an ironic date of 10/10/10!

More importantly, Mike and Pat raised nearly $3,500 for the cause! They spoke with family and friends, distributed information, and Pat even went to the effort of flying in from Dallas to host an event at 3 Birds Restaurant in Cleveland, OH; $1,500 was raised that evening alone!

Mike and Pat would like to sincerely thank everyone who supported them, both with RAI and their training. They feel that they trained harder this year over any previous marathon because they were running for such a great cause.

Original Announcement

2010 Chicago Marathon
October 10, 2010

Mike and Pat Kelly have run 15 marathons between them, and countless other races. They have NEVER asked for money or run for a charity before. After a lot of thought and consideration, Mike and Pat have decided to support RAI, and in turn hope you will also.

Mike and Pat are running the 2010 Chicago Marathon together for RAI. They are not asking for any money to go towards Marathon Fees or Travel. All money will go directly to RAI. They have a fundraising goal of $2000. In order to reach this goal and help RAI, we need YOUR help. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

"Colin O'Donoghue was one of those guys that would make you smile when he wasn't even trying too. He was always ready to laugh, smile, and have some fun. All of those are among the favorite things that Mike and Pat Kelly also enjoy. That is why the Kelly family and the O'Donoghue family have known and been friends for such a long time. Our Dads wrestled together at St. Edward High School. And later in our lives, Pat and Mike got to be friends with Colin and Ryan O'Donoghue, although we had known each other throughout grade school.

Colin fought a two year battle with cancer in 2003. Six months after aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Colin was able to announce that his cancer was in remission. Mike actually remembers him dancing on a bar having fun in Lakewood, Ohio. Excited that he was healthy again and everyone cheering for him because he beat cancer. Sadly the cancer returned three months after this announcement. After further aggressive treatments and surgeries, Colin passed away 14 months later, August 1st, 2005. Rise Above It (RAI) is a non-profit organization founded in Colin's spirit that it continues to grow to this day. We hope you will support us with our fundraising efforts."

-Mike and Pat Kelly

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