Bar Wars

July 19, 2006

BAR WARS brings in bartenders from surrounding T.G.I.Friday's locations to compete and to see who can create the best drinks. 18 drinks are auctioned off at each event, with all proceeds going to local charities. Bartenders are judged on technique, crowd enthusiasm and creativity. Winners are awarded for Flare, Speed, and Overall Performance.

This year the Westlake Ohio T.G.I.F. designated Rise Above It as its charitable recipient of two BAR WARS events. Over $1,500 was raised from the events!!! The event brought in a number of new faces and names which we hope will continue. With more than 800 locations worldwide, T.G.I.Fridays is one of many supporters. We hope that with this exposure will spread the knowledge of Rise Above It and encourage involvement in the organization. The proceeds will be used to directly support cancer patients and their families as they continue to fight the devastating disease.

Special thanks to T.G.I.Fridays, Jackie Anderson and Madeline VanAlmen for selecting RAI as recipient.

Elixir Guest Bartender, San Francisco

June 28, 2006

San Francisco based ELIXIR hosted a charity guest bartending event with proceeds benefiting Rise Above It. A total of just under $500 will be used to directly support cancer patients and their families as they continue to fight the devastating disease.

Guest bartenders included:

  • Kate Doidge Engler
  • Megan Bollinger
  • Bryan Engler
  • Megan Berns

Special thanks to Katie Engler for organizing and hosting the charity guest bartending event. Katie is near and dear to Colin and the hearts of many within the RAI network. Thanks again K!

17th Annual Enduro

April 19, 2006

RAI founder Ryan O'Donoghue and close friend Andrew Darlington skied 54 runs each in the 17th Annual Enduro at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area. With your overwhelming support, the team was determined to exceed the original goal of 40 runs. Needless to say, Andrew and Ryan ended up a little sore, but they can assure you that their pain was well worth the cause.

Enduro Team RAI exceeded its goal of $5,000 in total sponsorships; proceeds that will be used to directly impact the lives of many young adult cancer patients. RAI is currently funding patients in the Greater Cleveland area and is looking to expand its footprint. Without your support, these patients would not have the critical support required in their fight against cancer.

RAI would like to thank all of its sponsors for helping to support the cause. Your continued support and enthusiasm in helping to further establish RAI as a successful non-profit is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to the Enduro Angels: Heather Kavana, Katie Kadlubak and Jackie McNamara. Without their personal attention on the day of the event 54 would not have been a possibility.

Enduro Sponsors:

  • Lon Welsh
  • Hayden Gill
  • George Sumner
  • The McNamara Family
  • Patricia Koller
  • Danielle Terlep
  • Dawn Glynn
  • Frank Garrity
  • Kevin and Kelli Countryman
  • Luke Hilpert
  • Nora Weingart
  • Trent Johnson
  • Robert & Beverly Wotsch
  • Lowell Kavana
  • Alexis Vinick
  • Brian Caldwell
  • Dana Bernard
  • David Effler
  • David Nehoda
  • James Keeler
  • John Rowland
  • Larry Winter
  • Lisa Hartley
  • Mark & Marianne Keating
  • Peter "Brad" Guidi
  • Ray & Jacqueline Fox
  • Scott & Ashlee Edwards
  • Susan Rink
  • The Darlington Family
  • The Flowers Family
  • Thomas & Kristen Luff
  • Thomas and Leslie Croyle
  • Warren Vickers
  • Andrew Carson
  • Chaya Cashin
  • John Wervey
  • Jon Demko
  • Joseph Nilsestuen
  • Kathleen Engler
  • Melody & Geoff Brown
  • Michael Gonzalez
  • Robert Sgarlata
  • Tera Sumpter
  • Jamie Hart
  • Bart Edwards
  • Chris Keating
  • Jennifer Cooper
  • Leslie Plunkett
  • Matthew Bauer
  • Megan McIntyre
  • Ryan Lapinski
  • Andrew Gal
  • Arthur Livingston
  • Ashley Boland
  • Conrad Snover
  • Jill Steckel
  • John Fitch Jr.
  • Jon Wiley
  • Linda Morrison
  • Mary Ellen Ball
  • Thomas Taranto
  • Tracy Freeman
  • Amy Morash
  • Annie Croyle
  • Cheryl Mikula
  • Chris Weatherford
  • Clay Hofelich
  • Dana Hanson
  • Daniel Krueger
  • Darby Corna
  • Diana Fyfe
  • Emily LeMaster
  • Erik Turner
  • Irene Kassa
  • Jacquie Valenzuela
  • Jason Sudnik
  • Jeffrey Mielke
  • Jennifer Wotsch
  • Jesse Gannon
  • Josh Hubacher
  • Julie Andolek
  • Julie Anthony
  • Julie Graham
  • Karen Sterling
  • Kelly Bryan
  • Kyle Appell
  • Mary Ellen Jewett
  • Maureen Hayes
  • Mel Harris
  • Michael Fox
  • Nancy Rodgers
  • Nick Reilly
  • Nicole Brown
  • Pat Flanagan
  • Phyllis O'Donoghue
  • Ron Smalley
  • Scott Sigmund
  • Steve McCabe
  • Susan Sherman
  • Suzanne Roth
  • The Wilson Family
  • Therese Jones
  • Thom & Ellen Sandrock
  • Thomas Au
  • Ursula Hausler "Dugan"
  • Carmen Gomez
  • Colorado Ski & Golf
  • Georgetown Football
  • Your Castle Real Estate
  • Accenture

3rd Annual Super Bowl Benefit

February 5, 2006

This year's Super Bowl benefit was another great success. The amazing turnout, rich with so many smiles and so much love, represents undeniable proof that Colin was victorious is his battle with cancer and that he continues to live on through all of us. We have absorbed his fighting spirit, and with it, we are focusing on the task of helping others who find themselves in situations similar to his.

As you all know, proceeds from the event will be used to make an immediate impact on the lives of battling cancer patients. $5,000 is being directed to our affiliate, Journey of Hope, and will benefit young adult cancer patients currently seeking clinical trials. $2,500 is being donated directly to Tricia Luxemburg and her family to aid in her ongoing fight with breast cancer. RAI is also supporting Dale Smith, who is fighting bone cancer. Dale and Colin were coaching colleagues for St. Edward Wrestling. RAI will donate to Dale's fund and will be directly assisting him in formulating a cancer battle-plan.

This is just the beginning: Our commitment to fighting cancer will never yield. We promise. The continuing collaboration with affiliate organizations and the dedication of all those who volunteer their time for the advancement of RAI will allow us to battle this terrible disease with relentless vigor. By adopting the same positive and courageous attitude Colin so artfully embodied, we will stand strong and will never give up.

Once again, RAI thanks everyone personally; your enthusiasm in supporting our efforts is truly amazing.

Special thanks to those who volunteered much of their time to make it a success.