Rise Above It (RAI) no longer provides direct patient services or financial assistance through grants.  RAI is redirecting support to LIVESTRONG’s patient navigation program, along with cancer initiatives designed to help young adults locally in Cleveland, OH.

If you are in need of assistance with navigating you or a family member's concerns related to cancer, we recommend you reach out to the LIVESTRONG Foundation using the following information:
  • 855.220.7777 or online to get free, confidential support for anyone affected by cancer.  Hopefully they can help you to address some of your concerns.

Past Information

RAI has disbursed over $150,000 to nearly 90 beneficiaries since its incorporation.*  Listed below are some statistics and testimonials from RAI previous grant recipients.

* Patient Funding Statistics updated as of January 1, 2010

The typical funding range for past RAI beneficiaries is show below:

Grants by Patient

RAI beneficiaries had received grants ranging from under $100 to over $2000. The amount of each grant was determined based on the specific need of the patient. The average grant per recipient was approximately $950.

Support has been provided for a range of financial issues.  A snapshot is included below:

Grants by Category

Often, financial demands of daily living become insurmountable for cancer patients and their families. RAI assisted with these expenses so that patients could focus on their fight against cancer.

Your donations have supported people across the entire country.

Grants by Map

Patient Funding Statistics updated as of January 1, 2010

Note: Chart data reflects funding since RAI was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in May of 2006; it does not include funding activity completed prior to official nonprofit status or completed in collaboration with partner organizations.

Additional Funding Activity and Testimonials

Journey of Hope
RAI has donated $15,000 in restricted funds that have been, or are being used to assist young adult cancer patients with their critical survival needs.

Dale Smith Scholarship Fund
RAI donated to and was critical in the establishment and management of the scholarship fund; Over $15,000 was raised and will be used to help young student-athletes achieve their dreams of performing at the collegiate level. Dale and Colin were coaching colleagues for St. Edward Wrestling.

Anthony Cimino
RAI provided financial assistance to Anthony and his mother, allowing them to afford travel from Palm Bay, FL to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA so Anthony can receive the best clinical trial treatment available for his condition.

Christine Candow
RAI provided financial assistance to help Christine, her husband and five kids.

Don Mantell and family
RAI donated to the Don Mantell Benefit Fund. Don is a 38-year-old police officer who has served the City of Lyndhurst on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio for almost twelve years.

Tricia Luxenburg and family
"We are so appreciative of everything that's been offerred to us." -Mitch Luxenburg

Matt Smith and family
"Thank you so much for your incredibly generous gift from your fund to our family. God has used you both to remind me that he is faithful and our needs will be provided for... may God bless you." -Brooke Smith

Terry James
RAI provided financial assistance to Terry and his family.

Marcel Jeffries
RAI purchased medical rehabilitation equipment on Marcel's behalf.

Eva Morgan and family
"Thank you Rise Above It! You have given me hope and reason to believe. Your assistance could not have come at a better time. It was the best news I had received in months. I am so appreciative and cannot say enough to express my thankfulness. God Bless."

April Cawthon
"RAI has lifted a great financial burden for me and my mother. I would like to thank everyone for being so supportive. Thank you for your prayers and taking the time to speak with us about my progress... Thanks to the Rise Above It I have been able to overcome some of the pressures of my condition."

LaTonia Spraggins
RAI provided financial assistance to the Spraggins family.

Bridget Opperman and family
"Thank you so very much for taking the time to care about others. My family is greatful to you, [Colin] and the organization. I know [Colin] is smiling down on you. This assistance you are providing is very much appreciated. God Bless..." -Bridget Opperman

Sharron Ellis
RAI provided financial assistance to Sharron.

Jerrod Steimle
RAI provided financial assistance to the Steimle family.

Carolyn Lino
RAI provided financial assistance to Carolyn.

* Some grant recipients prefer that their personal information not be used in RAI’s publicity efforts and therefore remains confidential and not seen on this website.